Memory types and studies (Syllabus based) Part 1 AQA A

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1. How is information lost and stored ,respectively, in LTM?

  • Displacement, Rehearsal
  • Rehearsal, Interference/ retrieval failure
  • Rehearsal, Interference
  • Displacement, Recoding
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2. What is the Encoding in LTM?

  • Sensory
  • Semantically
  • Acoustically
  • Olfactory

3. What is evidence in support of the multi store model?

  • Glanzer and Kunitz : Ps immediate recall or delayed recall
  • Baddeley: Acoustically Similar and dissimilar words
  • Robins et al:Chess players memorizing pieces while multi tasking
  • Genie, who couldn't talk even though she was old enough

4. What is the duration of LTM?

  • 14 years
  • Lifetime
  • 2 hours
  • 15-30 seconds

5. What are the factors affecting STM capacity?

  • LTM, Reading aloud, Rhythmic grouping, Pronunciation time
  • Love, Feelings, Current senses, Dreams
  • Sensory memory, Muscle Reactions, Listening Time
  • Semantically similar info, Similar pictures, Dissimilar words


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