Improving memory

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Craik and Lockhart
Memory side effect of information processing
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Intentional better than
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Hyde and Jenkins
asked whether E or G present in word, frequency, pleasant or unpleasant- LoP
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Craik and Tulving
Case, rhymes, whether it fits in sentence- LoP/ Robust effect- yes
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Morris et al
Semantic/ rhyme- better for rhyming- situational
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Distinctive encoding
not following pronunciation rules/ different colours- cues
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Farrand et al
mind maps better than controls after 2 weeks but not immediately
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Greater effect for students with
low verbal ability
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Testing effects
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** reduced long term forgetting even if it doesn't enhance immediate learning
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McDaniel et al
40 days- Short answer> Multiple choice> reading over
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Transfer appropriate processing
intermediate tests matched final test- even better if IT more demanding
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Spacing effect
Difference between massed and spaced learning
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Deficiency processing theory
Different processing tasks doesn't eliminate spacing effects
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Encoding variability theory
Further apart= more distinct learning contexts
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Study-phase retrieval theory
Second presentation acts as stimulus for first
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Atkinson and Rayh
120 words- test after 4 days or 6 weeks- keyword method better than control for both
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Protect memory/ facilitate consolidation/ reorganise brain
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1-2yr old baby
tone and puff of air
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Luria AR
Person S- remember loads of numbers in 3 mins- method loci
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Perceiving one sensory modality with another
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Photographic memory
10% children- lost in adolescence
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Hyperthymesia or Highly superior autobiographical memory
Total recall of autobiographical events
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