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2. Delhi durbar

  • lowest caste in hindu society
  • Court of Delhi mass assembly at Coronation delhi to mark the coronation of King and Queen in GB
  • British company set up to trade with India

3. Indian mutiny

  • rebellion of Sepoy and civilians in 1857 against EIC rule
  • self governing state within the British empire
  • Religious divide

4. swaraj

  • self rule
  • rebellion of sepoys
  • social class in traditional Hindu society

5. INC

  • British led government to try and abolish any chance of self government for Indians
  • political organisation in India originally dominated by high caste Hindu at the forefront of the nationalist movement
  • set up by Indian muslims to support the Sultan of Turkey who was regarded by many Muslims as their Caliph or spiritual leader



A very useful quiz to help you learn the complicated terminology that is associated with Indian history.

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