Impact of tourism in St Kitts and Nevis

Where is St Kitts and Nevis
Small island nation in the eastern Caribbean
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How important is tourism for St Kitts?
It is the island's leading economic sector
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What volcano is on St Kitts
Mount Liamuiga
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How large is St Kitts and Nevis?
275 square km
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What is the population of St Kitts and Nevis?
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What industry did St Kitts and Nevis rely on in the past?
sugar production
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What % of the population are descended from slave brought from Africa to work on the plantations?
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When did the last sugar plantation close
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What 2 problems has the closure of the sugar plantations caused?
Overgrown plantations and thousands unemployed (especially young men)
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What economic problems does St Kitts and Nevis face?
High price of imported oil, large national debt and recovery from severe hurricane damage in the late 1990's
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What natural resources is St Kitt's tourism based on?
tropical climate, sandy beaches and warm seas
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Why is tourism in St Kitts a year round industry?
Little variation in seasonal temperatures
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Name 2 beaches that attract tourists
Frigate Bay and Halfmoon Bay
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Why is sand in short supply?
Removal by hurricanes and used for building
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What activities attract tourists?
Scuba diving and snorkelling in coral reefs, windsurfing, canoeing, sailing and hiking
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What is Brimstone hill?
A fortress on the volcano- one of the finest examples of British military architecture in the world
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What is Bloody Point
Place where 2,000 Carib-Indians were massacred by the British in 1626
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Why did tourism dip in 2002?
Due to the 9/11 attacks
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What was opened in 2002 that helped boost tourism
648 room Marriott hotel resort
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How much does tourism contribute to the economy?
$107 million US dollars
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How many tourists visit St Kitts each year?
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What % of tourists stay on the Island?
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What % of tourists visit on cruise ships?
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Where to most tourists originate?
USA, Canada, UK, France and Germany
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What are St Kitts main advantages?
Climate, educated workforce, English is native language, political stability and close to USA and Canada
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What % of St Kitts population doesn't earn enough to cover food and other necessities?
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What jobs are created in the tourist industry?
hotel receptionists, porters, waiters, maintenance workers, cleaners, guides, security staff
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What spin off jobs are created?
taxi drivers, workers in shops, bars, restaurants, farm workers providing food for hotels, construction workers
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How will St Kitts upgrade airports, hotels, harbours and roads?
By attracting direct foreign investment
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How will the natural environment be protected
By offering financial incentives
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How does the airport help tourism
It is modern and can handle the largest passenger planes
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Why is Basseterre harbour so important?
it has 2 deep water berths for huge cruise ships
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Does the tourist industry aim to target upmarket or mass market tourism?
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What regulations are placed on new developments?
They must be sustainable and not damage the islands
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What general problems are caused by international tourism in St Kitts
Revenue goes to foreign owners of resorts, booked with operators in MEDC's, Air transport carriers based in MEDC's, Fresh food often imported, tourism sensitive to recession or political issues like 9/11
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Why is tourism not always a reliable long term industry?
Places often go out of fashion and are abandoned for new destinations
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What problems do cruise ships bring?
Bring in little money (average spend on the island $30 per person), cause congestion and overcrowding, garbage left, effluent dumped at sea, oil spills
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Why is spending in local bars and shops by over-stay tourists minimal?
Resorts are often self-contained so tourists rarely leave them
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What is enclave tourism
Where only small areas of St Kitts benefit from tourism so inequality grows between few who get jobs in tourism and the majority who don't
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How much water is required for each tourist
3 times more than for local people
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What environmental impacts does tourism have on St Kitts?
Water shortages, lack of sewage treatment so coastal waters are polluted and coral reefs threatened
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How important is tourism for St Kitts?


It is the island's leading economic sector

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How large is St Kitts and Nevis?


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