Antibiotics and Immunity

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1. Which is NOT a drawback of vaccination

  • extreme immune responses can occur
  • herd immunity reduces potential pool of infection
  • allergic reactions and side effects
  • some are only for good of society, not the individual
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2. Which is NOT a factor in the effectiveness of an antibiotic?

  • the presence of calcium and potassium ions
  • concentration of the antibiotic and its optimum pH
  • how easily the drug can reach the bacteria and then be excreted
  • susceptibility of the pathogen to the antibiotic

3. Which definition best fits DNA gyrase inhibitors?

  • prevent formation of cross linking in cell wall so destroyed by lysis
  • stop bacterial DNA coiling up so it no longer fits within the bacterium
  • damage cell membrane so metabolites leak out and water moves in
  • interrupt metabolic pathways causing death

4. Which of the following is not a class of antibiotics?

  • cell wall and cell membrane agents
  • DNA gyrase and protein synthesis inhibitors
  • lytic enzymes
  • antimetabolites

5. What is natural passive immunity?

  • another persons antibodies transferred by injection
  • vaccination of attenuated antigen creates immune response for antibodies
  • antibodies from mother in breast milk or via placenta
  • antibodies made through the immune response to pathogen


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