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2. Day of Judgement

  • the state where humans are cleansed of their sins
  • the day when all the aliens descend on earth and destroy it
  • At the end of the world when everyone is judged by God
  • the day after you dies when God judges you

3. Hell

  • A really horrible place
  • The state of eternal separation from God, seen as punishment for sin
  • the state where human beings are cleansed of their sins
  • A place deep in the earth where people go after they die if they've been bad

4. What is resurrection

  • The survival of a person through the memories and thoughts of others
  • A dead person rising again in the form of a zombie
  • A person being raised from the dead in a physical or spiritual form
  • After death a person's soul being transferred into a new body at birth

5. The part of a person which survives death in reincarnation

  • Pictures
  • Body
  • Soul
  • Other people's memory


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