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2. A non-religious way of surviving death

  • memory
  • Reincarnation
  • Resurrection
  • Rebirth

3. What does legacy mean?

  • Just the same as memory
  • Something handed down as a result of their life's work
  • Money received from your grandparents
  • Being reborn again in a different body

4. Purgatory

  • the state where people are cleansed of their sins and made ready for heaven
  • the state where people have to run around in circles forever
  • the state where people are punished and tortured until they confess
  • the state where people are in the presence of God and are afraid

5. Hell

  • the state where human beings are cleansed of their sins
  • The state of eternal separation from God, seen as punishment for sin
  • A place deep in the earth where people go after they die if they've been bad
  • A really horrible place


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