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2. What are blue notes?

  • Chords made up of only one note
  • Chords with notes missing
  • Chords with added notes
  • Chords with extra unusual notes

3. What is a lick?

  • Brief motif
  • 2 sequences overlapping
  • Short, memorable motif
  • Improvised, long motif

4. What inversions of chords are mainly used in the piece?

  • Third inversion chords
  • Root position chords
  • Second inversion chords
  • First inversion chords

5. What chord does this piece start on and what it is commonfly referred as?

  • Chord 4-turntowards
  • Chord 1-turnaround
  • Chord 5-turnaround
  • Chord 6-turnbackwards


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