iGCSE double award Radioactivity (Physics)

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1. What is the purpose of radiotherapy?

  • To help a patient regain consciousness after surgery
  • To kill cancerous cells
  • To investigate blockages in the body
  • For brain scans
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2. What is the effect on the mass + atomic number on gamma on the nucleus?

  • Increases by 4
  • No specific effect
  • Decreases by 2

3. What is radioactive dating?

  • When an atom of helium is magnetised, making it radioactive
  • Where a radioactive object is measured against the half life of carbon
  • Where two radioactive sources penetrate the same material simultaneously
  • Where a proton and neutron are attracted in a nucleus

4. How is the penetrating power of an alpha particle reduced?

  • With paper or air
  • With 3mm of aluminium
  • It cannot be reduced
  • With a thick layer of lead

5. What is the effect on the mass + atomic number on alpha on the nucleus?

  • No change
  • Atomic number goes down by 2
  • Atomic number increases by 2


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