iGCSE double award Radioactivity (Physics)

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1. How is the penetrating power of an alpha particle reduced?

  • With paper or air
  • It cannot be reduced
  • With a thick layer of lead
  • With 3mm of aluminium
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2. If radioactive waste is put into water, what will happen?

  • Nothing, as it is unreactive
  • It will poison ecosystems
  • It will float on top of the water
  • There will be an explosion

3. What is gamma radiation?

  • A single proton
  • A helium nucleus
  • An electromagnetic wave
  • A high speed electron

4. What is the order of ionisation power from lowest to highest?

  • Alpha, Beta, Gamma
  • Beta, Gamma, Alpha
  • Gamma, Beta, Alpha
  • Beta, Alpha, Gamma

5. What is a medical risk of exposure to too much radiation?

  • Cancer (caused by mutations)
  • Weakened bones
  • Fatigue and dizziness
  • Weak immunity


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