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2. What is meant by the term 'half-life'

  • The time taken for radiation emitted by a source to increase by a half
  • The time taken for radiation emitted by a source, to decrease by a half
  • When only half of an atom is radioactive
  • When radioactive sources don't stay radioactive permanently

3. What is the effect on the mass + atomic number on alpha on the nucleus?

  • Atomic number goes down by 2
  • Atomic number increases by 2
  • No change

4. What does a geiger-muller device do?

  • It beeps in the presence of radiation. The more radiation, the more frequent the beeps
  • It absorbs all radioactive sources, including alpha, beta and gamma
  • It measures the density of lead, which is used to stop gamma penetrating
  • It controls the number of radioactive particles in the air

5. How is the penetrating power of an alpha particle reduced?

  • With paper or air
  • It cannot be reduced
  • With a thick layer of lead
  • With 3mm of aluminium


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