Ideology, Science and Religion + Theorists

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A set of ideas, values and belifs that represent the outlook, and justify the interests of a social group.
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Ideas about things we hold to be true
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Belief in the supernatural
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5 Features of a Religion
Beliefs, Theology, Institutions, Practise and Consequences
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Science is...
Objective, Value free and uses Empirical Evidence
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Religion is...
Subjective, Based on faith
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What are Comte's three stages of development?
Theological stage (Pre-18th century), Metaphysical stage (18th Century), Positive stage (19th century onwards)
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Comte believed that...
Sociology should be based upon the same methods as natural sciences. If we find 'facts' in society, when could then identify the cause and effect relationship and laws in society (Inductive approach)
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Popper believed that...
Falsifying a theory rather than making it true is the only way to make something scientific (Deductive approach). For example, you cannot prove that 'all swans are white', but you can prove that there will be one black swan= falsifying hypothesis
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Kuhn believed that...
All scientists work under a specfic paradigm, and sociology cannot break that paradigm or create a paradigm shift.
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Challenges in postmodern society
Disease, Globalisation, Securalisation, Consumerist society, Technological advancements used for destruction, Vaccum of meaning, Suffering, Securalisation, Fragmentation of identity
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Anything can be sacred or profane
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Countries use religion as a guide for moral code and human actions eg: USA use ten commandments
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Religion is crucial to helping people deal with situations of emotional stress that threatened social solidarit and anomie eg: death
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Trad Religions are being replaced by civil religions in society (Anything can be sacred). Eg: Celeb culture, Consmerism, Royal Family, Spectator sports
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Religion the 'opium of the masses/ people'. Religion helps working class get over suffering in life (theodicy of disprivlige). Ruling class use TOD to exploit working class by legitmising ruling class ideology. Eg: Divine right of kings
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Feminists (Aldridge, De Beauvoir)
Patriarchy in: Religious scriptures, barring from priesthood, (stained) glass ceiling, fewer rights than men, veiling of women
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For religion to be a force of counter hegemony, workers need to be educated. The church were willing to join forces with the intellectual working class to challenge ruling class ideology. Promotes working class conciousness and social change.
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Rise of Spirit of capitalism in some western countries who shared a religious world view and economic growth. Eg: Calvinism. Western countries has correct economic conditions and lived an ascetic lifestyle
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Fundamentalism is...
Holding of radical, policitcal and/or religious views that are outside the mainstream (norms+values)
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Charasmatic leadership, Economic problems, Migration, Education, Globalisation, Media saturated society
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Monothestic religions, modernisation, cultural defence, single sacred text, Decentralised authority
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Example of fundamentalism
Westboro Baptist church: Discondems homosexuality, relationships, abortion, funeral for soliders- hold monopoly of truth- hold values outside mainstream (Fundamentalism)
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Ideas about things we hold to be true



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Belief in the supernatural


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Beliefs, Theology, Institutions, Practise and Consequences


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Objective, Value free and uses Empirical Evidence


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