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2. Which of these was NOT a reason for the proposed success of socialism in one country?

  • Russia being a country that relied heavily on agriculture
  • The smychka between workers & peasants
  • The unique nature of the Russian revolution
  • It was the view of Lenin

3. Which party policy accelerated bureaucratisation?

  • The dictatorship of industry
  • The NEP
  • The Lenin Enrolment
  • The Declaration of the Forty-Six

4. When did the Russian economy start to become more stable, and as a result when did the left wing of the party begin to reject the NEP?

  • 1923
  • 1925
  • 1922
  • 1924

5. Who said 'no socialist society can exist alone'?

  • Zinoviev
  • Trotsky
  • Stalin
  • Bukharin


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