MEST3 - Identities in the Media

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1. How is the working class changing?

  • Rich list and average pay increasing, socially excluded, mass unemployment, attack on council houses
  • Underclass more employed and gaining money, more connected, everyone better off
  • Middle class are seen as unfashionable and poor, attacks on working class, upperclass are the only privileged ones
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2. What has Web 2.0 enabled active audiences to do?

  • Interact with and comment on the media and to become producers, as well as consumers
  • Access more content, whilst still being consumers
  • Allows them to be passive at the same time

3. Why does social media offer a potential tool for challenging dominant ideologies?

  • Too many people are using it
  • It still sits outside of the traditional media outlets such as TV and film
  • It is far too vast for it to be regulated, especially Facebook and Twitter

4. Why does Gogglebox challenge negative perceptions of the working class?

  • Nuclear Families, togetherness, family orientated, dressed smartly
  • Chavvy-rottweiler
  • Negative stereotypes
  • North-working class

5. Is Miles from the Riot Club left or right wing?

  • Left wing
  • Right wing


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