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2. What did David Gauntlett say about Web 2.0?

  • Argues that Web 2.0 platforms enable audiences to represent themselves
  • Argues that being an active audience is a bad thing because it involves people too much
  • Argues that Web 2.0 is a negative development in technology

3. What offers a potential tool for challenging dominant ideologies?

  • Politicians
  • Radio
  • Social Media
  • Advertisements

4. Which class is seen to be collective?

  • Middle class
  • Upperclass
  • Underclass
  • Working class

5. In the opening episode of the first Coronation Street, how did they establish a representation of working class communities?

  • Constantly talked about underclass - not welcoming or friendly
  • Constantly talked about working class. Social mobility - met with unfriendliness
  • Upperclass made obvious - anti working class


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