MEST3 - Identities in the Media

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1. What defines a person's class?

  • Heritage, appearance, where they live, income
  • Their dress sense, family's income, what type of house they have
  • Partner's income, family past, whether or not they are British
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2. What was the dominant message in the Only Fools & Horses?

  • That working class should know their place
  • Underclass were not as bad as media made them out to be
  • Upperclass are too privileged

3. What is a blue collar worker?

  • Manufacturing industry
  • Retail
  • Office Work
  • Catery

4. What does underclass mean?

  • Lowest position in the class hierarchy - the poor and unemployed
  • Middle class
  • Not as privileged
  • Do not get paid much

5. Why do most people watch Made in Chelsea?

  • Like to laugh at them
  • Follow the story line
  • Escapism and fascination
  • Aspire to be like them - culture, wealth


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