MEST3 - Identities in the Media

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1. In the opening episode of the first Coronation Street, how did they establish a representation of working class communities?

  • Constantly talked about underclass - not welcoming or friendly
  • Constantly talked about working class. Social mobility - met with unfriendliness
  • Upperclass made obvious - anti working class
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2. What did The Guardian openly say about The Riot Club?

  • Continues pop culture's obsessive doubt of the 1%
  • Portrays pop culture as aggressive and arrogant
  • Disproves the top 1%

3. What is meant by 'British New Wave'?

  • British identities dominating
  • Media representations introduced characters with regional accents and a diverse range of backgrounds
  • Wave of new and digital media in Britain

4. What do commentators, such as Owen Jones say about positive representations of working class identities?

  • They are being airbrushed out of history and are being replaced by sensationalist caricatures
  • Replaced by moral panics
  • Staying positive

5. Why was there said to be a lot of pride in presenting yourself as working class?

  • Suggested you were committed to Britain and worked hard for your country
  • Symbolized challenging power and oppression such as the 'minor's strike'
  • Connoted that you were hard working and strong, not shy of putting yourself forward for your country


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