MEST3 - Identities in the Media

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1. Why do most people watch Made in Chelsea?

  • Aspire to be like them - culture, wealth
  • Like to laugh at them
  • Escapism and fascination
  • Follow the story line
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2. What is David Gauntlett's perspective on identities?

  • Identities are not temporary
  • Identities are fluid (always changing)
  • Identities always remain the same

3. What did David Gauntlett say about Web 2.0?

  • Argues that Web 2.0 platforms enable audiences to represent themselves
  • Argues that being an active audience is a bad thing because it involves people too much
  • Argues that Web 2.0 is a negative development in technology

4. What do commentators, such as Owen Jones say about positive representations of working class identities?

  • They are being airbrushed out of history and are being replaced by sensationalist caricatures
  • Replaced by moral panics
  • Staying positive

5. What has Web 2.0 enabled active audiences to do?

  • Allows them to be passive at the same time
  • Interact with and comment on the media and to become producers, as well as consumers
  • Access more content, whilst still being consumers


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