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2. What is an 'Algorithm'?

  • A type of programming language.
  • A musical note played on computer-based programes.
  • The set of steps in order to complete a task.
  • The theory behind what you are carrying out.

3. What does VoIP stand for?

  • Voice over internet protocol.
  • Voice over internet precipitate.
  • Voice over internal point.
  • Voice over intergrated package.

4. What type of file is a cookie?

  • .png
  • .txt
  • .jpeg
  • .gif

5. Why might you consider using a controller rather than a mouse and keyboard whilst playing games on a computer?

  • Because it is wired.
  • Because some people may consider it to be more comfortable and suitable for the game that they are playing.
  • Because it allows you to perform moves much more quicker.



8 out of 10 :3

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