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1. Which of these is one condition of the Data Protection Act of 1998.

  • The data is kept as longer as the holder wants it.
  • The Information is Secure
  • You can pass data outside of the EU
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2. Which isn't an advantage to mobile broadband?

  • Download Limits
  • Greater Coverage
  • Allows devices to connect to 3G

3. What is an advantage of Downlading information

  • It doesn't buffer
  • It takes longer
  • It's cooler than streaming

4. How can you improve your computers sustainable Developmet?

  • By upgrading programs and replacing parts
  • By throwing it away and buying a new better PC
  • Save it for the future generations to study in a cupboard in your house when you buy a new one

5. Which of these is a Games Console Peripheral ?

  • Telephone
  • Motion Sensors
  • Nuero Headset



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