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2. What does VOIP stand for ?

  • Voice Over Interenet Protocols
  • Vibrations Over Internet Principals
  • Very Over Intense Principals

3. How can you improve your computers sustainable Developmet?

  • By upgrading programs and replacing parts
  • By throwing it away and buying a new better PC
  • Save it for the future generations to study in a cupboard in your house when you buy a new one

4. What is Latency?

  • The measure of delay in a network
  • The number of bits that can go through a network in 1 second
  • The capacit of a network

5. What isn't a violation of the computer misuse act?

  • Unauthorised accsess to a cmputer with intent to commit a crime
  • Authorised access to a computer
  • Unauthorised modification of material



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