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1. How can you improve your computers sustainable Developmet?

  • By upgrading programs and replacing parts
  • By throwing it away and buying a new better PC
  • Save it for the future generations to study in a cupboard in your house when you buy a new one
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2. How can you prevent hackers?

  • By not telling anyone that you use the internet
  • Use a firewall , that is regularly updated
  • Make weak paawords

3. What is NFC ?

  • The code on the back of your credit / debit card for security
  • A contactless payment system
  • New fried chicken company

4. What is Blue-jacking?

  • Taking data from from devices over 3G
  • Sending unwanted messages to others with a blue-tooth enabled device
  • Using bluetooth to delete cookies

5. Which of these is an advantage to Wi-Fi ?

  • Often have to pay for outside of your home
  • Generally widely available
  • can't use if not in your range



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