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1. What is a Social Bookmarking Site?

  • A Social webiste designed to help users connect with friends and colleges worldwide
  • A site which allows users to store, tag and share links with other users
  • A social site that allows users to share bookmark designs
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2. Why is Viral Marketing Used ?

  • To find users personal information
  • If the content goes viral it spreads very quickly
  • To encrypt data

3. How can you avoid Targeted marketing ?

  • Delete Cookies
  • Share any information on Social Networking Sites
  • By only going on a few webistes

4. How can you prevent hackers?

  • By not telling anyone that you use the internet
  • Use a firewall , that is regularly updated
  • Make weak paawords

5. Which is an advantage to Sat - Nav's ?

  • They are usually very accurate
  • Users become reliant on them
  • They cause distractions to users



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