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1. It is a line that represents the spatial movement of the tweened object. Its dots (sometimes called "tween dots" or "frame dots") represent the target objects position along the path at frames.

  • Motion path
  • Tweening
  • Motion tween
  • Motion way
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2. What is a series of instructions in a computer program which, when done, cause a repetition of the same instructions, with no other action by the program, for as long as the program continues to go on, or the loop is interrupted by some other action?

  • Forever loop
  • Cyclic loop
  • Infinite loop
  • Repeat loop

3. It is a single still image in an animated sequence that occurs at an important point in that sequence; key frames are defined throughout an animated sequence, in order to define pivotal points of motion. What is it?

  • Key frame animation
  • Stop frame animation
  • Animation
  • Storyboard

4. It is a multimedia digital file made available on the Internet for downloading to a portable media player, computer, etc. What is it?

  • A podcast
  • Hard drive
  • Radio
  • Website

5. What is protecting and securing yourself from danger, harm, risk and evil on the web called?

  • Cyber attack
  • Anti virus
  • Being safe online
  • Malware


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