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1. It is made up of all the cells that are lying directly below each other, starting from the top of the spreadsheet down to the last cell. It is a vertical group of adjacent cells. What is it?

  • Cell range
  • A Row
  • A Column
  • A Cell
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2. What is an attempt to damage, disrupt, or gain unauthorized access to a computer, computer system, or electronic communications called?

  • Social networking
  • Malware
  • Cyber attack
  • being safe online

3. They are the tasks that must be completed or executed before filming or shooting begins. What is it?

  • Splitting
  • Pre produstion
  • Post production
  • Input device

4. What is a collection of web pages called?

  • A website
  • Web pages
  • HTML
  • Site map

5. It is a collection or stack of blocks that all interlock with one another. What is it?

  • Script
  • Script area
  • Scratch scritpt
  • Scratch script area


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