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1. What is the language for describing web pages called?

  • HTML (hypertext markup language)
  • Navigatinon bar
  • Web tech
  • Web language
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2. It allows you to easily animate the motion of an object. Instead of defining the location of the object in every frame, you can create a this, which will automatically move the object from the beginning location to ending location. What is it?

  • Motion tweening
  • Motion path
  • Onion skinning
  • Cloning

3. It is a collection or stack of blocks that all interlock with one another. What is it?

  • Scratch scritpt
  • Script area
  • Scratch script area
  • Script

4. It is when you duplicate the previous frame by copying every element within the frame. What is it?

  • Tracing
  • Duplicating
  • Cloning
  • Copying

5. What is a series of instructions in a computer program which, when done, cause a repetition of the same instructions, with no other action by the program, for as long as the program continues to go on, or the loop is interrupted by some other action?

  • Infinite loop
  • Repeat loop
  • Forever loop
  • Cyclic loop


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