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2. What is the name of the virus which intended to damage a computer, mobile device, computer system, or computer?

  • Social networking
  • Malware
  • Cyber attack
  • Anti virus

3. It is a line that represents the spatial movement of the tweened object. Its dots (sometimes called "tween dots" or "frame dots") represent the target objects position along the path at frames.

  • Motion path
  • Motion tween
  • Motion way
  • Tweening

4. What is a single, usually hypertext document on the World Wide Web that can incorporate text, graphics, sounds, etc called?

  • Web pages
  • HTML
  • Website
  • Navigation bar

5. What are the small rectangular boxes on spreadsheets called, which are used to enter data (text, numbers or symbols) and to perform calculations using formulae?

  • Rectangles
  • Cells
  • Boxes
  • Columns


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