ICT in Business

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1. What are some benefits of Electronic Payments for the customer?

  • Quicker, easy returns, cash back for customers
  • Easy returns, quicker, just in time stock control
  • Automatic stock control, better management, quicker
  • Itemised billing, computer prices can be altered, less cash handling
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2. What does CAD stand for?

  • Correct Application Design
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Computer Assessment Department
  • Company Aided Development

3. What are two benefits to on-line e-shopping for the shop?

  • Wider range of products, cheaper than running a shop
  • Cheaper than running a shop, more profit
  • Cheaper prices, payments made with card
  • More trade, cheaper prices

4. What are two drawbacks to on-line e-shopping for the customers?

  • Limited choice, possible fraud with cards
  • Harder to return items, limited choice
  • Can't see purchased items, must have payments card
  • Inconvenient for elderly, more expensive

5. Name a use of CAD.

  • Manafacturing Cars
  • Constructing a house
  • Fashion Design
  • Producing Paper


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