ICT in Business

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1. What are two drawbacks to on-line e-shopping for the customers?

  • Can't see purchased items, must have payments card
  • Inconvenient for elderly, more expensive
  • Limited choice, possible fraud with cards
  • Harder to return items, limited choice
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2. What is EPOS in Computer Based Shopping?

  • Electronic Print of Onscreen Stock
  • Electronic Point of Sale
  • Electronic Placement of Sale
  • Electronic Payment of Sale

3. Name a benefit of CAD?

  • No Training Required
  • Drawing can be Shared
  • Software is Cheap
  • Easier Manufacturing

4. What are three software features of CAD?

  • Costing, Watermark, 2D/3D
  • Text Box, Rotation, Walk through
  • Zoom, Rotation, Layering
  • Bullet Points, Shading, Colour Application

5. What does CAM stand for?

  • Computer Aided Manufacturing
  • Control and Maintenance
  • Computer Aided Making
  • Company Aided Manufacturing


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