ICT: G041 - Quiz 2: Information and its Uses

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1. What does BACS stand for?

  • Bankers Automated Clearing System
  • Banking Addition Caching System
  • Barley and Carrot Sandwich
  • Bankers Association Card Savers
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2. An external company needs information about wages paid and tax deduction - what is the name of this company?

  • Tax Society
  • Inland Revenue
  • BACS
  • Wages Association

3. What is bespoke software?

  • A spreadsheet
  • A database
  • Software developed specifically for an organisation
  • Software that is bought off the shelf

4. What is e-commerce?

  • Buying and selling of goods to a small local village area
  • Buying and selling of goods/services online to the general public
  • Buying and selling of goods/services in a highstreet shop
  • Buying and selling of goods to businesses only

5. What does EDI stand for?

  • Electronic Data Interchange
  • Electronic Division Ignition
  • Employee Data Interchange
  • Elephants Don't Ignite


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