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The ability for users to log on to a network from locations outside the building where the network is
Remote Access
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Software of hardware that limits the data that can be sent or from a computer, preventing unauthorised access
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A technology that allowed mobile phone users to view phone-friendly versions of websites on a phone screen
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All the data about one person or thing. Made up of fields.
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Web pages that allow people who read them to edit them and add content to them.
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A file you can send along with your e-mail
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A database with just one table of data
Flatfile database
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Using ICT to hold a virtual meeting with two-way video and audio transmitted in real time
Video conferencing
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The data in a file is unreadable
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A database containing two or more tables that are linked to each other.
Relational database
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Areas of a page that change when the mouse hovers over or clicks on them.
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A uer interface with windows, icons, menus and pointers.
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A website that is used like a diary to discuss what they have been doing or other events. People read the entries and post comments as feedback.
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Computer programs that are designed to carry out specific tasks.
Applications Software
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The smallest amount of information that a computer can store.
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The way the user interacts with the computer- input and output devices as well as the screen display.
User interface
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Also called the primary key. A field in a table which uniquely identifies each record in that table.
Key field
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The part of the computer that does most of the data processing.
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Audio and video files downloaded from the Internet, normally updated daily or weekly.
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A small text file that is stored on your computer when you visit some websites. They can help the site identify you so you don't have to re-enter personal information every time you visit.
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Accessing a computer system you are not authorised to use.
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E-mails that are not welcome or solicited, they are often sent in bulk and fill up inboxes
Junk mail
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Online discussion spaces where people can post messages and get responses from other people.
Bulletin Boards
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Raw figures or words with no meaning or context
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The physical objects that make up a computer system.
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Storing data in a logical or structured way.
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An interface where the user chooses from a restricted list of options
Menu user interface
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A piece of program code that makes copies of itself by attaching itself to another program. It wastes the host's resources, and sometimes destroys or changes files.
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Ensures that data is sensible in the context in which it is being used in- e.g. range check
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Scrambling data to make it secure. Only users with the key to the code can unscramble it and read the data
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Replacing data with a code which shortens it.
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A software application that provides a way to view and interact with pages on the World Wide Web.
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Software that is downloaded onto a computer without the owner's knowledge or permission. It sends data back from owner's computer.
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A process that is repetitive, for example where a document is revised, edited and proofread to improve the final product.
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Column headings in a database tables, they are part of a record.
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Sending e-mails pretending to be from bank or orgnisation that handles financial transactions, asking users to click on a link and enter banking information such as passwords.
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A series of 8 bits. One characters on a keyboard is a single
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Devices that enter data into a system. e.g. keyboard, mouse, microphone
Input device
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Devices that take action after an input has been processed. E.g. speaker, monitor
Output device
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A silicon chip that contains the central processing unit, which acts as the 'brain' of the computer
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Software that control and manages the computer. E.g. windows
Operating systems software
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Read-only memory (permanent storage)
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Random- access memory (temporary storage)
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Links to other web pages or files, usually accessed y clicking on a word or image
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A code that defines the type of file. At the end of the ile name there is a dot plus the extension, for example letter.doc is a document file called letter
File extension
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Copies of data stored in case the original is stolen or becomes corrupt
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A system of internet servers that support a collection of web pages on the Internet which hyperlink to each other
World Wide Web
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A network connecting computers in the same area/building
Local Area Network (LAN)
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A network that covers a geographical area larger than a single building; it may be global or national.
Wide Area Network (WAN)
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Short message service- used for text messaging
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electronic device used to connect computers via a telephone line. It converts digital data to analog and vice versa.
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Signals that take on only two values, off or on, in binary code.
Digital signals
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Electrical signals that vary continuously
Analog signals
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The rate at which data can be transferred.
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a small piece of hardware that connects to a computer's USB port. It allows a computer user to use certain pieces of software.
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Uses interviews, questionnaires or observations to gather information about how the present system works.
Feasibility study
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Statements of what levels of performance the finished product should have. An example might be that a web page must link to another specified web page.
Performance criteria
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A piece of code that updates a software package. Often downloaded from the software company's website.
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Software that is used to create slideshows . Text, video, graphics and sound can be used.
Presentations software
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Features that may appear in mny types of applications software.
Generic features
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A letter or message or info. sent from computer to computer over the internet.
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Blind Carbon Copy. Sending an e-mail message to many people in such a way that it hides the fact that it is being addressed to other people as well.
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Two or more people working together on a common goal.
Collaborative working
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The main folder that stores the emails you receive.
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A text form of communication, such as a conversation between people over the Internet that happens in real-time
Instant messaging
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An Internet Service Provider, is a company which, usually for a monthly subscription fee, will allow a user to connect to the Internet. They can also provide extra facilities such as remote storage of data files and e-mail accounts for their users
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A portable/light-weight/easy to carry device that can be used almost anywhere
Mobile Device
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A series of characters or words used to gain access to a computer system.
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Post Office Protocol is used to retrieve e-mail from a mail server.
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Rich Site Summary - a way of publishing frequently updated sites in a standardised format.
RSS feed
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A block of text that is added to the end of an email message you send
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The way in which the presentation changes from one slide to another (eg. next slide flies in from the right after clicking the mouse.
Slide transition
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............. means to check the data that you have entered against the original source data. Example of entering your password twice if you change it.
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A piece of software that replicates itself, can copy, destroy and corrupt data
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Documents that store data in a grod of rows and columns. They allow the data to be analysed using formulae and calculations.
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A function that adds together all number specified in a list or range
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A function that returns the largest value in a set of values
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A function that returns the lowest value in a set of values
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A function that returns the average of a set of values
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the total length of time that data is being recorded.
Logging period
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the length of time between recording each measurement.
Logging interval
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software used to programme robots and devices with instructions so that they can act remotely or automatically.
Control software
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Sending a copy of an e-mail to someone who is not directly affected by the message.
Carbon copy
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Another name for a website
Uniform resource locator (URL)
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