ICT data types

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A full set of data.
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A file split into sets of data (the rows)
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A single piece of data in a record.
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Where items are stored in different categories (the columns)
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Key field
A field where each item in a record is unique.
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Sequential file
Records in a file that are in some sort of order.
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Serial file
If the records in a file are in no order, even if the files are in order of input.
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Tells you where to find a record, and it is in order.
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Direct access file
A serial file with an index.
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Data types
Certain boundaries within a field, that the items must be within.
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Numeric data types (list)
Integers, real numbers.
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Alphanumeric data types
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Logical/ Boolean data types
Can only be one of two characters, e.g. Y or N
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A real number, but can only have two digits.
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Rules about the format, range, or length of the data in a field.
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Validation check
Testing whether the data follows the rules: length check, character check, format check, presence check.
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Data verification
Compares the output to the original to make sure they match, or they input the data twice.
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Flat file
All the data is stored in one file.
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Secondary key
An additional key to the primary key.
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Another name for a file.
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Relation tables
Files that are related to each other.
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Foreign key
A field in one file, that is also the key field in another file.
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Analogue data
Data that can have any value within a defined range.
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Digital data
Data in the form of unique patterns of 0s and 1s (bits, bytes)
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Analogue-to-digital converter
A devise that converts analogue data to digital.
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Digital-to-analogue converter
A devise that converts digital data to analogue data.
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A file split into sets of data (the rows)

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