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2. Which of the following is not an advantage to One Direction of music composition software?

  • They can edit it to make them sound AMAZING
  • They don't have to be able to sing
  • It cannot work miracles
  • Autotune

3. Which statement is about vectors?

  • If small images are enlarged they can become blurry
  • Despicable Me
  • Maths is used to work out the position and size of an image
  • Images are mad up of pixels
  • He stole the pyramids

4. What is a key field?

  • A unique identification code used in a database
  • A field of keys
  • The key to the gate to the field full of computers
  • A unique identification code used in a spreadsheet

5. Which of the following is a tweening?

  • Each frame in an animation is produced whilst several frames before are visible to help the animator track the motion of an object
  • The process of getting the computer to create the in-between frames to smooth out the animation
  • Objects are traced over to produce a cartoon effect


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