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1. Also known as contactless payment, near-field communication (NFC) allows users to pay for items by...

  • touching a fingerprint scanner.
  • eating a banana.
  • simply touching their card on a special reader.
  • going to a nearby field and shouting your credit card details.
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2. Most people wouldn't buy a seperate camera because...

  • their phone has one already built in.
  • you have to turn the camera around to take a selfie. :(
  • who even needs a camera they are old and boring!
  • that guy next-door, Bob, has one I can borrow!

3. Blue jacking is the process of...

  • highjacking a car whilst painted in blue camoflauge.
  • naming yourself Jack and then using bluetooth.
  • sending unwanted messages to other mobile phones using Bluetooth.
  • getting a smurf and naming it Jack.

4. GPS is used by a range of devices to calculate your current location. It does this using...

  • signals from a nearby pilon
  • signals from a network of satellites orbiting the Earth.
  • your mum to send a message to GCHQ telling them were you are so they can tell your phone
  • minions to find you and send your location to your phone

5. ICT laws and acts are designed to make sure our personal information is...

  • Processed in a way that respects our rights
  • Given out to Third-Party Companies
  • Transferred to countries outside Europe
  • Processed in a way that doesn't respect our rights


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