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2. A web browser automatically follows all the links it can find and adds it to a list of results

  • Web Crawler
  • Broadband
  • E-Mail
  • FTP

3. Devices that offer people access to the internet wirelessly, such as laptops, mobile phones and PDA’s.

  • Networks
  • Mobile Access
  • Router
  • Bandwidth

4. If you wanted to search for information without a certain item appearing you would use the word ***. For example if you were searching for pets but not cats you may use ‘Pets *** cats’ as this would like pets without cats.

  • NOT
  • AND
  • URL
  • USB

5. A hardware device that connects multiple computers in a network. It allows networked computers to share data packets.

  • FTP
  • Network
  • Hub
  • USB


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