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1. Where a series of computers are networked together and they each work on solving the same problem. Each computer shares data, processing, storage and bandwidth in order to solve a single problem.

  • Distributed Computing
  • Distributed Databases
  • Search Engine
  • Bandwidth
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2. A fast connection to the Internet which does not use a modem.

  • Internet
  • Intranet
  • Broadband
  • Dial-Up

3. A method of connecting to the internet which makes use of a modem and telephone line. This offers a slow connection.

  • Search Engine
  • Broadbadn
  • Dial-Up Modem
  • Bandwidth

4. A measure of the amount of data that can be transferred using a data transfer medium.

  • Internet
  • FTP
  • Bandwidth
  • Broadband

5. A search that allows you to save time by narrowing down the results of a simple search.

  • AND Search
  • Search Engine
  • Boolean Search
  • Web Crawler


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