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1. Which of the following would represent a weakness in your final work?

  • Ensuring all data can be seen.
  • Applying currency symbols to financial data.
  • A chart or image covering data beneath it
  • Spell checking before printing
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2. In terms of business productivity, which of the following is a drawback of using IT tools and systems in the workplace?

  • Insufficient care taken when entering data may lead to work having to be re-done.
  • It is quicker to hand-write documents than produce them on the computer.
  • Businesses can’t be productive if they don’t have a network of computers
  • Work has to be checked by a line-manager before it can be saved

3. Which of the following outcomes represents the best reason for choosing this particular software application for this task?

  • Data can be quickly and cost effectively processed.
  • The application automatically chose the required orientation required for the data.
  • The spell checker checks totals as well as text
  • The application is ideal for typing letters.

4. Which of the following would represent a strength in your final work?

  • The document isn’t quite finished as there wasn’t time.
  • The completed document is spellchecked, proof-read and well presented.
  • Large amounts of data can be best represented by any type of chart.
  • Saving the document using numbers and all 255 characters allowed.

5. Which of the following is a benefit of improving productivity?

  • Employees rely too heavily on IT applications.
  • If work is finished early employees can go home early.
  • Profitability and sustainability.
  • Employees will never receive an annual bonus.


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