Ice on the land


1. What is glacial distribution controlled by?

  • temperature, preciptation, high latitudes and altitudes
  • temp. preci[itation, mositure and orbit of the earth
  • temp and precipitation
  • percipitation, mositure and latitude
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2. When does the artic sea ice and antartica have its max extension and min?

  • antarticahas its max in sept and min in march
  • arctic sea ice has its max in septmeber and min in march and antartica has its max in march and min in spetember
  • arctic max is in march, and min is in sept, antartica max is in sept and min in march
  • artic has its max in march and min in march

3. What do geochemists and paeloclimatologists use to determine dates and rates of the land surface?

  • cosmogenic technologies
  • rare consmogenic nucelotides
  • ultra-rare cosmogenic nucleides
  • nucleotides

4. What are ice shelves?

  • extensions of glaciers tht float, beyond the grounding line, thinkened sea ice which moves quikcly and is very vulnerable
  • shelves of ice which jut out from a glaicer
  • extensions of glaicers which move slowly
  • extensions os glaicers which float on land and ar very vulnerable

5. What are ice bergs?

  • calve from ice shelves/ floating tongues, whole ice thing sticks out
  • come from ice shelves/ floating tongues, ice is more dense than water os if floats
  • calve from iceshleves/ floating tongues, ice is less dense than water so it floats
  • ice is ess dense than water so it floats but they are found on the shore


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