Ice on the land

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1. What is a valley glacier?

  • interconnected glaiers, the big ones
  • iu should know
  • each glaicer individual system flows as one unit, has a shape which flows as one unit and has a shape which flows onto the valley floor or coastal place, or marine terminating
  • bigger that 0.01 km suqared
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2. What is hubbard glaicers, alaska exmaples off?

  • piedmont glaicers
  • icefield glacier
  • surging glaicers
  • tide water glaicers

3. What is glacial distribution controlled by?

  • temp and precipitation
  • temperature, preciptation, high latitudes and altitudes
  • temp. preci[itation, mositure and orbit of the earth
  • percipitation, mositure and latitude

4. What are ice bergs?

  • ice is ess dense than water so it floats but they are found on the shore
  • calve from ice shelves/ floating tongues, whole ice thing sticks out
  • calve from iceshleves/ floating tongues, ice is less dense than water so it floats
  • come from ice shelves/ floating tongues, ice is more dense than water os if floats

5. What glaicers are unconstrained by topography?

  • ice sheeets which are greater than 50'000km2 and ice caps that are less than 50'000 km2, ice domes, ice divides, outlet glaciers, ice streams and ice shelf
  • ice caps that are more than 100'000km2, outlet glaicers, ice domes, ice sheets, ice streams and ice divides
  • ice caps that are greater than 50'000 kn2 and ice sheets that are greater than this, ice streams, ice shelf, ice divides, ice domes
  • ice caps that more than 50'000km2 and ice sheets than are below 50'000km2, ice domes, ice sheets, ice streams and outlet glaciers


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