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2. What is the crysophere?

  • ice which is found in other planets aswell
  • also the ground, grass found in those areas, sheets, glaciers, permafrost, mountains, snow cover and lake ice
  • the study of all things ice, which include ice caps, ice shelves, icebergs, ice sheets, glaciers, permafrost, mountains, snow cover and lake ice
  • just ice on the land

3. What is the order it from shortest to longest it takes for parts of the cysophere to form?

  • snow, river/lake ice, sea ice, glaciers and ice caps, frozen ground, ice sheet margins, ice shelves and ice sheets
  • snow, sea ice, river/lake ice, glaciers andice caps, frozen ground, ice shseet margins and ice shelves and sheets
  • snow, ice, glaciers, sea ice, frozen ground, ice shelves, margins and sheet
  • snow, river/lake ice, sea ice, forzen ground, glaciers and ice caps, ice sheet margins, ice shleves and ice sheets

4. What is glacial distribution controlled by?

  • percipitation, mositure and latitude
  • temp. preci[itation, mositure and orbit of the earth
  • temperature, preciptation, high latitudes and altitudes
  • temp and precipitation

5. What are the to ice sheet example and what are the size?

  • Arctic and greenland (14 x 10^6km2) (2 times 10^6km2)
  • Arctic and Greenland (100 times 6km2) (8989 times 10km2)
  • Arctic and Greenland(13 times 10^6km2) (2times 10^6km2)
  • Arctic and greenland (14 times 10^6km2) (3times 10^6km2)


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