Ice on the land

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1. What are ice streams?

  • contrained by free flowing ice, common in antartica, bed is more lubricated than the area underlying it so they travel fast
  • area more lubriactated than the area below it so they travel fast
  • streams of staionary ice
  • constrained by topogra[hy
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2. What is a mountain glacier?

  • greater than 10 km2 anf found in mountains
  • greater thatn 1km squared, cique niche
  • has to be bigger that 0.01 km 2, examples are cirque, niche and glacienet
  • greater than0.001 km2

3. What is surface albedo?

  • reflectivity of a surface, and how much is then relfeced off another surface
  • absorbtion of a surface
  • reflectivity of a surface, how much is reflected off
  • how much is absorbed by how much it is reflected off

4. What are rivers of ice?

  • contrained by toopography, found in greenland, and out inlet glaicers
  • outlet glaicers, constrained by topography,common in greenland
  • outlet glaicers, constrained by topography, common in artartical
  • outlet glaicers, constrained by topography, common in the arctic

5. What is hubbard glaicers, alaska exmaples off?

  • surging glaicers
  • icefield glacier
  • tide water glaicers
  • piedmont glaicers


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