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1. What are the five types of speech act according to Searle (1975)?

  • Directives, commands, commissives, declarations, temporals
  • Directives, commands, proximals, commissives, declarations
  • Directives, expressives, commissives, declarations, representatives
  • Directives, temporals, commissives, declarations, representatives
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2. What are the two types of conversational implicature?

  • Particularised, egocentric
  • Generalised, structural
  • Generalised and particularised
  • Particularised, engendered

3. What are the five types of deixis?

  • Personal, existential, social, temporal, structural
  • Personal, existential, lexical, discoursal, social
  • Personal, social, temporal, spatial, discoursal
  • Personal, structural, social, temporal, spatial

4. What are Semetko & Valkenburg's five news frames?

  • Human Interest, Responsibility, Morality, Economic Consequences, Conflict
  • Human Interest, Social Cost, Responsibility, Morality, Conflict
  • Intruder, Victim, Social Cost, Responsibility, Morality
  • Intruder, Victim, Economic Consequences, Responsibility, Morality

5. What might a Japanese interlocutor do to save face when they are not able to meet an obligation?

  • Apologise profusely
  • Make difference arrangements
  • Promise to help anyway
  • Ignore the situation


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