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1. Who defined 'othering' as 'imagining someone as alien and different in such a way that they are excluded from the speaker's "normal", "superior" and "civilised" group'?

  • Holliday, Hyde & Kullman (2010)
  • Someone totally irrelevant (2010)
  • John, John, John (2010)
  • John, John, John (2010)
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2. What are the six types of presupposition?

  • Existential, factive, non-factive, lexical, structure, counterfactual
  • Existential, factive, spatial, structural, lexical, non-factive
  • Existential, discoursal, factive, non-factive, counterfactual, lexical
  • Existential, discoursal, temporal, factive, non-factive, counterfactual

3. What is 'communicative competence?'

  • the ability to perform a range of appropriate, performative behaviours, empathise and reflect.
  • A situational, relational attibute

4. Why do stereotypes usually emerge?

  • Due to power relations, tensions and conflict
  • Due to the need to truthfully represent a person/group/lifestyle
  • Due to a dislike of an outgroup
  • Due to media-led smear campaigns

5. What are the two types of conversational implicature?

  • Particularised, egocentric
  • Generalised, structural
  • Generalised and particularised
  • Particularised, engendered


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