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1. Who defined 'othering' as 'imagining someone as alien and different in such a way that they are excluded from the speaker's "normal", "superior" and "civilised" group'?

  • Holliday, Hyde & Kullman (2010)
  • Someone totally irrelevant (2010)
  • John, John, John (2010)
  • John, John, John (2010)
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2. How can deictic expressions be described?

  • Ethnocentric
  • Egotistic
  • Egocentric
  • Ethnorelative

3. What are the four aspects of Deardorff's Process Model for Intercultural Communicative Competence?

  • Attitudes, knowledge & comprehension, internal outcome, external outcome.
  • Attitudes, skills of interpreting and relating, internal outcome, external outcome
  • Attitudes, knowledge, skills of discovering and interaction, external outcome
  • Attitudes, education, internal outcome, external outcome

4. What are the five types of deixis?

  • Personal, social, temporal, spatial, discoursal
  • Personal, structural, social, temporal, spatial
  • Personal, existential, social, temporal, structural
  • Personal, existential, lexical, discoursal, social

5. What is a speech act?

  • The result of a communicative action between two or more interlocutors
  • Any utterance
  • A functional unit of communication
  • A communicative action between two or more interlocutors


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