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1. What are the five types of deixis?

  • Personal, social, temporal, spatial, discoursal
  • Personal, structural, social, temporal, spatial
  • Personal, existential, social, temporal, structural
  • Personal, existential, lexical, discoursal, social
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2. How ****** are we for this exam?

  • Nah we've got this
  • Oh ****
  • Help me
  • Someone take the bullet to get us all a 2:1

3. According to Englebert & Wynn (2000), what are the five common conflict styles?

  • Accommodation, Avoidance, Completion, Cooperation, Compromise
  • Accommodation, Avoidance, Competition, Collaboration, Compromise
  • Accommodation, Avoidance, Competition, Cooperation, Compromise
  • Accommodation, Avoidance, Completion, Collaboration, Compromise

4. What are the six types of presupposition?

  • Existential, discoursal, factive, non-factive, counterfactual, lexical
  • Existential, discoursal, temporal, factive, non-factive, counterfactual
  • Existential, factive, non-factive, lexical, structure, counterfactual
  • Existential, factive, spatial, structural, lexical, non-factive

5. Why can particularised implicature be a cause of intercultural misunderstanding?

  • N/A- particularised implicatures do not cause intercultural misunderstanding
  • Because it requires specific contextual knowledge
  • Because interlocutors need to share the same value system
  • Because interlocutors need to be from the same culture to understand


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