IB Chemistry Definitions - Standard Level

Practise and master the definitions that correspond to the command terms define or distinguish used through out the IB Chemistry course.

1. The sum of the protons and neutrons in the atom's nucleus

  • Mass Number
  • Atomic Number
  • Isotopes
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2. A reaction that releases heat to the surroundings as a result of forming products with stronger bonds than the reactants.

  • Exothermic Reaction
  • Endothermic Reaction
  • Chemical Reaction

3. The liquid that dissolves another substance or substances to form a solution

  • Solute
  • Solvent
  • Solution

4. Accept electrons and become reduced.

  • Reduction
  • Oxidising Agent
  • Oxidised Reactants

5. A horizontal row of elements in the Periodic Table. The atoms of the elements have the same number of shells but with an increasing number of electrons in the outer shell.

  • Mass Number
  • Period
  • Group


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