IB Chemistry Definitions - Standard Level

Practise and master the definitions that correspond to the command terms define or distinguish used through out the IB Chemistry course.

1. The energy required to break a mole of covalent bonds in the reactant, all reactants and products being in a gaseous state.

  • First Ionization Energy
  • Average bond enthalpy
  • Standard Enthalpy of Reaction
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2. Acid is an electron-pair acceptor

  • Lewis Acid
  • Bronsted-Lowry Acid
  • Strong Acid

3. A vertical column of elements in the Periodic Table. The atoms of the elements all have the same outer shell structure by an increasing number of inner shells.

  • Group
  • Period
  • Continuous Spectrum

4. The sum of the protons and neutrons in the atom's nucleus

  • Isotopes
  • Mass Number
  • Atomic Number

5. Accept electrons and become reduced.

  • Oxidising Agent
  • Oxidised Reactants
  • Reduction


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