I wanna be yours - Edexcel GCSE 9-1- Poetry- Relationship cluster

Poet's name
John Cooper Clarke
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Date the poem was written
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Key point
Love makes you do or say strange things and you would do anything for someone you love
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Context (thoughts and values)
A rebellious punk and anti-establishment beliefs (disagrees with people of authority)
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Context (values)
Clarke's values were shaped by the permissive 1960s when western societies embraced a more liberal and less moralistic attitude towards sex and relationships
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2 language points (subject terminology)
Short metaphors ,,,,, Subjective and objective personal pronouns
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3 form/ structure points (subject terminology)
Anaphora,,,,, Enjambment and informal style,,,,,, Regular, complex rhyme scheme
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Example of short metaphor (quote)
"if you like your coffee hot/ let me be your coffee pot"
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Subjective and objective pronoun (quotes)
"I" "me" ------ "I don't wanna be hers"
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2x Anaphora examples (Quotes)
"let me be" " I wanna be yours"
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Rhyme scheme
Regular and complex ABABCCCD - deviates in final stanza
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What to compare 'I wanna be yours' with?
Love's Dog
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