What does the lateral preoptic area do
Involved in non-rem sleep onset
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Other functions of the preoptic area
thermoregulation, thirst, sexual behavior
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Paraventricular Nuclei
water balance and stress
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supraoptic nuclei
water balance
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suprachiasmatic nuclei
biological clock, circadian rhythms
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Ventromedial Nuclei
satiety centre, destruction results in overeating
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Arcuate nuclei
inhibits prolactin release by dopaergic neurons, produces hypothalamic releasing factors
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Homeostatic functions of the hypothalamus
Hormones, plasma osmolality, body temperature, body weight, nutrients
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circadian regulatory functions
approx 24 sleep wake cycle, seasonal breeding, hormonal regulation
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Allostatic challenges
fight or flight, mating, birth, suckling
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Where does exteroceptive information to the hypothalamus come from?
Visual - retina. Olfactory system.
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Where does interoceptive information to the hypothalamus come from?
viscera, body temperature, steroid hormones, osmolarity, glucose level, cytokines
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Where lacks the blood brain barrier?
The circumventricular organs - the median eminence, the posterior pituitary, the pineal gland and the OVLT
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Example of something that can enter through the circumventricular organs
cytokines - such as interleukin 1beta
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Three types of output from the hypothalamus
Neuroendocrine, autonomic, behavioural
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Where is vasopressin formed, what is it's function
Singalled by the supraoptic nuclei. Antidiuretic.
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What happens if you get a lesion in the lateral hypothalamic area?
loss of appetite, starvation
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What happens if you lesion the ventromedial nucleus
RAGE - emotional behavior
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Melatonin is sent from which gland to the suprachiasmatic nucleus
the pineal
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Other functions of the preoptic area


thermoregulation, thirst, sexual behavior

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Paraventricular Nuclei


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supraoptic nuclei


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suprachiasmatic nuclei


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