Hydrocarbons Key Words and Points

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1. What is an isomer

  • The same molecular formula but different structures
  • The same structure but a different molecular formula
  • Different physical properties but the same molecular formula
  • A type of alkane which is unsaturated
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2. Why does it make this colour change?

  • It is a substitution reaction as alkanes are saturated
  • It indicates the presence of an alkaline substance
  • It is an addition reaction as alkenes are unsaturated and react
  • It indicates the presence of acidity

3. What is combustion?

  • When a substance implodes in the air
  • When fuels react with heat to form oxygen
  • When fuels react with oxygen and burn to release useful heat energy
  • An explosion which occurs when crude oil is heated

4. What is the poisonous product of incomplete combustion?

  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Carbon
  • Hydrogen
  • Oxygen

5. What is an alkene?

  • An isomer of alkanes
  • When an alkane is combusted
  • When a hydrocarbon has one or more carbon-carbon covalent bonds
  • A saturated alkane


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