Hurricane Katrina

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When did Hurricane Katrina happen?
23rd-31st Aug 2005.
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Where did the tropical depression that became Hurricane Katrina form?
200 miles South-East of the Bahamas
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When did Katrina become classified as a tropical storm? Why?
24th Aug. 40mph winds and clouds wrapping round North of eye.
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What happened on 25th Aug?
Category 1 hurricane reach Florida, 2 people were killed but was considered "just another hurricane"
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Why did Katrina gain strength over the Gulf of Mexico?
Gained strength due to large upper-level anticyclone over Gulf of Mexico and warm waters.
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What conditions occurred over Gulf of Mexico?
Category 5 with sustained wind speeds of 280km/h, gusts of 345km/h and a central pressure of 902mb making it the fifth most intense Atlantic basin hurricane on record.
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How high was the storm surge?
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When was Katrina declared an extra-tropical low? How far inland did it travel before this? What happened after this?
31st Aug. 240km. Absorbed by a frontal zone over the Eastern Great Lakes.
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How many people became refugees?
1 million.
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How long did it take for refugees to be registered in all 50 states?
1 month.
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Why was one of the main routes out of New Orleans closed?
Parts of the I-10 bridge collapsed.
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What percentage of New Orleans was flooded?
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How many people were left without electricity?
3 million.
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Why did 5 people dies from bacterial infections? Was this more or less than expected?
The water supplies were polluted with sewage, chemicals and dead bodies. Far less.
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What was done about looters in homes and shops in New Orleans?
The Mississippi National Guard were deployed and told to treat looters ruthlessly.
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Why were racial tensions exposed?
Reports at the time claimed black American urban dwellers were the most affected as the most disadvantaged members of society. It was alleged that the authorities would have responded differently if those suffering were white.
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What was one unusual long term social impact?
Katrina became less popular as a baby name.
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What was President Bush criticised for?
Being slow to visit the disaster area.
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What is the main political impact of a large scale natural disaster like Katrina?
The US government can gain or lose support based on handling of crisis.
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What was the total cost of Katrina? What did this make it?
$200bn. The most expensive natural disaster in US history.
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How many oil platforms were damaged or destroyed? How many refineries had to close?
30. 9.
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What long-term economic impact affected New Orleans?
The famous French Quarter was flooded, meaning a loss in tourism revenue.
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What global social economic impact was there? How did this affect the UK?
Price of oil shot up to over $60/barrel. In the UK petrol prices exceeded £1 for the first time.
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How much forest was destroyed? What was the estimated economic cost to the logging industry?
5300km^2. $5bn.
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What were some homeowners no longer able to get?
Insurance or had to pay high premiums.
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What did storm surges lead to?
Beach erosion.
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Where is Dauphin Island in relation to Katrina? What happened here?
150km East of where Katrina made landfall. Sand was transported pushing the island into the coast.
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Which national wildlife refuge was half washed away?
Breton National Wildlife Refuge.
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How much oil was spilt?
7 million US gallons.
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Which animals lost their breeding grounds?
Marine mammals, brown pelicans, turtles and fish.
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Where were the New Orleans flood waters pumped into? What did they contain?
Lake Pontchartrain. Raw sewage, metals, pesticides, toxics and oils.
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How many people were killed, in total? In Louisiana? In Mississippi?
1242, 1035, 228.
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What was the population increase in Houston, Texas?
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In January 2006 what was the population of New Orleans?
Half of what it was before the hurricane.
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What was the percentage population decline in Louisiana?
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What did the Federal Emergency Management Agency do before the storm hit?
Set up disaster recovery response e.g. supplies and a mortuary team.
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How many military personnel were put on standby on the 28th August?
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What did an accurate prediction of Katrina's path by the National Hurricane Centre allow?
An evacuation. Most managed to leave in cars or school buses. Only 150,000 remained in New Orleans, largely by choice, they were encouraged to seek protection in Louisiana superdrome and supplies were sent to provide 150,000 people for 3 days.
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How many stranded people were rescued by the coastguard in New Orleans?
More than 33,500 out of 60,000.
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How many people did FEMA provide housing for? When did they pay hotel costs until? How many families were still living in trailers in March 2010?
More than 700,000. Until February. 260.
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How much money did congress spend on aid?
$62 billion.
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How much money did congress give to rebuild housing and infrastructure?
$16.7 billion.
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How many people were given relief on electricity rates?
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What did the US Department of Commerce spend $1.3 million on?
Improving hurricane related public broadcasting stations.
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How many miles of floodwalls and levees were strengthened and repaired?
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In response to Katrina, what happened to the emergency services?
They were made more efficient.
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How did NOAA and the NHC try to mitigate future impacts of hurricanes?
They invested in better prediction technologies with 8 new observation buoys and expansion of their satellite network.
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