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1. Secondary sources and example

  • Secondary sources are sources that don’t give original information. For example biographies.
  • Secondary sources are wrong.
  • Secondary sources are boring.
  • Secondary sources give correct information.
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2. Define BC

  • Before Christ
  • Common era
  • Before common era
  • Anno Domini also known as in the year of the Lord.

3. Ordering timelines

  • When ordering timelines you start with the earliest date to the latest date.
  • Ordering timelines start with the latest date to the earliest date
  • Ordering timelines are hard
  • Ordering timelines are useless

4. BCE

  • Anno Domini also known as in the year of the Lord.
  • Before common era
  • Common era
  • 1000 years

5. Primary sources and examples

  • Primary sources are always incorrect.
  • A primary source is a source that offers correct data. An example could be journals.
  • Primary sources are sources that people answer on surveys.
  • Primary sources are sources that give incorrect data. For example biographies.


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