Humans industry quiz

1. What do BBFI say about NUDITY?

  • "there may be nudity with strong detail"
  • "there may be nudity is a sexual context but usually without strong detail"
  • "sexual activity may be protrayed but without strong detail"
  • "There may be strong verbal references to sexual behaviour"
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2. What is the name of the star who appeals to AMERICAN audience?

  • William Hurt
  • William hert
  • Colin Morgan
  • Idris Morgan

3. who regulated Humans when it came out on DVD?

  • BBI
  • BFI
  • BBFI
  • Ofcom

4. what was the budget for Humans?

  • 15 million
  • 18 million
  • 12 million
  • 13 million

5. what was the INDEPENDANT company that help create Humans with Channel 4

  • Discovery
  • Kudos
  • AMC
  • Betty


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