Humanities Keywords: Environmental Issues

Natural Resources
Raw materials found within or on the earth which can be used by humans
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Renewable Resources
Will not run out, or can be replaced, provided they are not over used
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Non-renewable Resources
Can only be used once and can never be replaced
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Any rock which is mined, drilled or quarried
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Name two examples of a Mineral
Coal, Gold
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Fossil Fuel
Fuel formed from the remains of ancient plants and animals
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Nuclear Power
Energy produced from uranium atoms
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Power Station
Place where electricity is generated
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Renewable Energy
Energy from natural resources that are infinite or can be reused
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Name an example of Renewable Energy
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Alternative Energy
Does not deplete natural resources that are infinite or can be reused
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Name an example of Alternative Energy
Solar Power
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Wind Power
Energy generated by wind
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Solar Power
Energy generated by sunlight
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Geothermal Energy
Energy obtained from rock heated by the earth's core
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Hydro-Electrcity power (HEP)
Energy generated by water spinning a turbine
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Wave Power
Energy generated by waves in the sea
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Tidal Power
Energy generated as the tide goes in or out of a coastal area or estuary
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Energy generated from organic matter (biomass), including wood and crops
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All living and non-living things in a particular environment and the way they work together
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Methods that preserve and maintain rather than destroy
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Loss of forests due to climate change or the use of trees without replacing them
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The total disappearance of a particular type of living organism
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Coral Bleaching
When sea temperatures rise, the coral die and lose their colour
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The movement of people from the countryside to live in towns and cities
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The change from a farming society to a society based around production of goods in factories
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Something that poisons or damages air, water or land
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Acid Rain
Rain, snow, fog or dust with a pH below 5
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Greenhouse Gases
Gases such as carbon dioxide that trap heat in the earth's atmosphere
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Global Warming
A warming of the climate in recent decades, due to human influences
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Environmental refugees
People displaced by environmental disasters caused by climate change
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The variety of species found in a particular area
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When the numbers of a species are so low or it is facing such severe threats it may become extinct
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The natural environment of an animal or plant
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Catching or killing animals illegally
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Alien species
A plant or animal that moves from its original habitat to a new area
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A trip made for pleasure, usually including at least one night away
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Honey Pot
An area of attractive scenery or historic interest visited by large numbers of tourists
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Free time to do whatever you want subject to finance and ability
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Global Responsibility
Individuals and businesses making choices that affect the world in a positive way
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Direct action
The use of violent or non-violent methods to influence a political decision
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Looking after something so it can be passed on to the next generation
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Pressure groups
Organised groups that attempt to influence policy or business decisions on a particular issue
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Individuals or groups attempting to influence the opinions of MPs to vote a certain way on a specific subject
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Turning used products into new products in order to prevent waste, reduce pollution and lower greenhouse gases
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A written record of an agreement between two or more countries
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International Agreements
Agreements between two or more countries
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Sustainable Development
Economic and social development that meets the needs of current and future generations
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Agenda 21
A commitment to move towards sustainable development at government and local level
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Global Citizen
Thinks about their effect on the world by preserving the environment and keeping natural resources for others to use in the future
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Government Action
Laws or incentives introduced by a government to reduce global warming
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Carbon Footprint
The impact of human activity measured in carbon dioxide units
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Carbon Offsetting
Removing the same amount of carbon from the atmosphere as produced by an activity such as air travel
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National Parks
A reserve of land usually declared by national government to be protected from human development and pollution
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Responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and the well-being of the local people
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Sustainable Tourism
Has a low impact on the environment and local culture and contributes to biodiversity
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Protection of the environment and natural resources of the earth including plant and animal life
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Will not run out, or can be replaced, provided they are not over used


Renewable Resources

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Can only be used once and can never be replaced


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Any rock which is mined, drilled or quarried


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Coal, Gold


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