Humanistic Approach

1. What is incongruence?

  • Where behaviour doesn't fit with actual thoughts and beliefs
  • Where there's an equal reflecion of thoughts and behaviour
  • Where patterns of behaviour shows irregular behavioural problems
  • Where there's a shift from self belief to lack of confidence
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2. Which bests suits the definition of self-concept?

  • Self-esteem + self-image + ideal self
  • Self-confidence + appearance - incongruence
  • The way we perceive ourselves

3. Which one of these is a strength of the humanist approach therapy?

  • Counsellor is non-directive
  • Counsellor respects proximity
  • Counsellor is directive
  • Counsellor provides advice

4. Which one of these is a weakness of the humanist appraoch therapy?

  • Client must be motivated to change
  • Long and exspensive
  • Client must discuss feelings
  • Only deals with surface behaviour

5. What is unconditional positive regard?

  • All of the above
  • Where parents encourage their children to become what they want to be in life
  • Where no matter the actions or behaviour of the indivdual, they'll be accepted, valued and loved
  • Where acceptance, value and love is on the conditions of doing as theyre told


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