Human Relationships

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what does stereotyping mean?
making a judgement on a group of people because of one characteristic
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what does equality mean?
treating people the same
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what does discrimination mean?
to make an action against a person because of one characterictic e.g race, gender
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what does sexism mean?
discriminating someone based on their gender
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what does christian church believe about love and sex?
they emphasies non-sexual love, which is called 'agape', which is the love in which jesus showed us when he gave his life for them. They believe sexual intercourse is wrong unless it happens in a marriage.
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what did god intend for married couples to do?
to live together as married couples, not to live together outside of marriage!
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what do church of england believe about love and sex? and a quote to support this?
avoid sex before marriage. Marriage is a remedy against sin. "better to be celibate then to marry"
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what do church of england believe about divorce?
accepts divorce but will not remarry people that have been divorced.
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what do catholic church believe about divorce?
not allowed divorce, can live seperately but stay married.
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what does annulment mean?
show a couple did not fully understand what they were doing when married, one partner did not give their full assent to the marriage, one partner did not intend to have kids and the other partner did not realise.
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what id the definition for civil partnerships?
a legal union between two people of the same sex.
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what consists of a civil partnership?
no religious content, have to register their intention with the local authorities, legal documents dont need to be done in public.
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Arguments for civil partnership?
reflects the biblical value of equality "we were all made in the image of god". Reflects gods desire to bless faithful lifelong marriages regardless of the sex of the couple.
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arguments against civil partnership?
goes against biblical teachings "if a man lies with a man as one lies with a women, he has done what is detestable". Bible teaches marriage is a place for sexual relationships and role is to create new life.
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what does promiscuity mean?
having sex with a number of partners without commitment.
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what does adultery mean?
having sex with somene who is not your married partner.
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what do christians believe about sex and contraception?
only take place between man and woman married to each other. sex was given tp humans by God for the procreation of children. children should be brought up in christian families so sex should take place within marriage.
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why do christians think pre-marital sex is wrong?
sex is for reproduction, children should be born into marriage. "your body is a temple of the holy spirit"
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why do christians think adultery is wrong?
sex is to show commitment to person you are married to. breaks wedding vows. God will judge the adulterer and all the sexual immorals.
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what is the definition of contraception?
any substance or material which prevents conception or sti's
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what do catholic church believe about contraception?
"each and every marriage act must remain open to the transmission of life". artifical contraception are against the will of God. the rhythm method is natural and part of God's creation. chance for a baby. natural contraception is okay.
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does every catholic agree?
no, some follow their conscience and disagree with church.
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what do church of england believe about contraception?
it is okay to have contraception. It is better to limit the family and be able to look after them.
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what do christians and other christians believe about gender roles&men&women in society?
christians- women should stay at home and look after the house and kids. Other christians- men and women are equal "there is neither jew nor greek, slave nor free, male nor female"
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what do christians and other christians believe about men and women in the church?
christians- only men allowed to be priests because deciples were men. other christians- women look after the sick and elderly, clean the church and do the flowers.
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why do christians and other christians believe you SHOULD get married?
christians- not good for a man to be alone "i will make him a helper suitable for him". other christians- "be fruitful and increase in number"
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quote for divorce?
"a wife should not be seperate from her husband"
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what does equality mean?


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what does discrimination mean?


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