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2. What is Non-Voluntary Euthanasia?

  • Providing a seriously ill person with the means to commit suicide.
  • Ending someones life painlessly when they are not able to ask, but you have a good reason for thinking they would want you to do so.
  • Ending life painlessly when someone in great pain asks for death.
  • The painless killing of someone dying from a painful disease.

3. What is the word meaning 'an exact copy of something'?

  • Cloning
  • Genetic Engineering
  • Stem Cell Research

4. What is an extended family?

  • Two generations- mother and father with a child or children.
  • Two or more generations living together under the same roof e.g. grandparents, parents, children.
  • It is also known as a stepfamily.
  • Where friends take the place of family.

5. What is an example of a permanent contraception?

  • Vasectomy
  • Condom
  • Mini pill
  • Contraceptive patch


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