History of social geography

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When did Del Casino write his book?
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What was the first social geography phase in the 20th Century?
Ecological processes
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Who was one of the main researchers at the Chicago School and what did they do?
Burgess- created models of the city
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Who was the first person to use the term 'social geography?'
Reclus (Del Casino, 2009)
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The _ School was very influential before the world wars
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Burgess created what?
Social theoretical models
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Social geography became focused on 'disorganisation'- what is this?
Crime and promiscuity
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Social Darwinian Theory is...
using models based on the natural world
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Who was Hoke?
A pioneer of an ideology not much different from today- didnt like environmental determinism
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What was different about Hoke's practices to todays?
He treated people as objects and still valued environmental determinism, discounting nature as a factor but appreciating environmental.
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Who stated that there were black and feminist geographers before the world wars?
Sibley, 1995
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After WW2 what direct did social geography go in?
Political and spatial advances
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What did Bunge, 1979 say?
Schaefer argued geography had become too descriptive- should be a spatial science
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In the quantatitive revolution what happened?
The field became divided into more specialised sub-disciplines and statistical models became of huge importance
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Geographers wanted a bigger sphere of influence in the Quantatitive Revolution, so what started to be studied?
Race Studies
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When did Radical Geography start?
Late 60s
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Quantitative revolution, geographers wanted a bigger sphere of influence, in radical geography they wanted to...
Create social change
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Two different approaches to Radical geography:
Marxism and Humanistic
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'Social Justice and the City' is an example of what time period and by who?
Marxism- Massey, 1973
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During the Marxist period, Soja said what?
Space is a structure created BY society and is not a background influencer
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What is humanistic geography?
Influenced by Phenomenology- this is a philosophy which assumes knowledge has to be gained (Relph, 1970)
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Who said this is how man 'made earth into a home'- people have created places and act through them
Tuan, 1975
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What were humanists interested in?
A social subconscious- not interested in physical places, but place as a concept
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How did feminist geographies start?
A thought arose that there had been a focus on social class, but never social roles such as gender
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What did feminist geographers look at?
The gendering of society-space relations and aimed to challenge previous studies that assumed human experience as masculine
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Who said 'humanistic geography assumes masculinity as the norm'?
Rose, 1993
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Who said that Feminist geographies aim to disrupt the assumption that men and women have 'places' in the world?
Bondi and Davidson, 2005
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When did sexuality studies emerge?
At a similar time to feminist geographies- with the questioning of social roles
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As a result of sexuality studies, Queer geographies emerged- what did they look at?
Looked beyond the economic impacts, like sexuality studies and to events such as 'coming out'
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What did the cultural turn involve?
When social geography began to view culture as a constructed process rather than an entity that affects people
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The cultural turn diminished the concerns of inequality that social geography aimed to address- who said this?
Gregson, 1993
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What presumptions were challenged in the cultural turn?
Whiteness, hetreosexuality- previously uncontested norms
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Cultural and social geography are not the same, but heavily influence each other- said who?
Del Casino, 2009
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What did the cultural turn force geographers to do?
Look inwardly at the discipline- cannot assume all people under one label are homogeneous
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What happened in the 1990s?
The subject became more 'open' and theoretical- challenging the assumptive norms
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New areas of research arose in the 1990s. These included:
Subjectivity, and identity politics
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Who questioned the changes in the 1990s and why?
Gregson, 2003- it focused too much on the individual
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There is a focus on social inclusion and exclusion, and how places enable and disable people
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Potientially, social geography may revisit which previous method-
Quantitative revolution, with the use of big data enabling complex maps to be made
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What was the first social geography phase in the 20th Century?


Ecological processes

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Who was one of the main researchers at the Chicago School and what did they do?


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Who was the first person to use the term 'social geography?'


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The _ School was very influential before the world wars


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