Human Geography - Population Change

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1. What is Natural Increase?

  • A gradual increase in the number of deaths per year
  • When the birth rate is higher than the death rate so the population grows
  • A gradual increase in the number of births per year
  • Stage 5 of the demographic transition model
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2. What is the case study for migration?

  • Romania to Italy
  • Poland to the UK
  • Spain to the UK
  • Japan to China

3. Which of these is NOT a negative impact of an ageing population?

  • More money spent on helping the older population than on developing the country
  • Increasing Retirement age
  • More money earned by facilities dependent on the use from older people
  • Healthcare services are put under large amounts of pressure

4. What is the main basis of China's Birth control programme?

  • Second child allowed after 10 years
  • As many children as wanted allowed
  • One Child policy
  • Two Child Policy

5. What is an example of a push factor for migration?

  • High Wages
  • War or Natural disaster
  • Good Standard of living
  • Weather


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