Human Experience Vocabulary

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Induced miscarriage; removing the unborn fetus from the womb.
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Amnesty International
An organisation that pomotes human rights.
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Someone or something that has a right or power over others.
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The name given to the sayings of Jesus in Matthew 5; all are blessings.
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Capital punishment
When a criminal is put to death.
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Priest or religious official attatched to a hospital, school or other institution.
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Removal of the foreskin of the male penis. All Jewish boys are circumcised as a rite of Brit Milah.
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A group of people with something in common.
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The meeting of sperm and egg; fertilisation of the egg.
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A confrontation between people.
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An 'inner voice' that keeps a person on the right track; a sense of right and wrong.
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Conscientious objector
A person who, because of their conscience or beliefs, refuses to join armed forces.
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Change, can include a change of relgious beliefs.
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The burning of dead bodies, rather than burying them.
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A breaking of the law.
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A cross with the figure of the crucified Jesus on it.
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Traditions and customs of a society.
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Defensive wars
A war where Jews defend themselves agains attacks made on them or their state.
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A group of religious believers who have their own organisation and faith.
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What is expected because of someone's job or responisibility. It can be because of a contract or religious beliefs.
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A fetus during the first stages of pregnancy.
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"Gentle death"; the speeding up of death through drugs or other medical ways to bring about death.
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How some religions spread their beliefs to others e.g. missionaries.
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A statement in words, actions or symbol of a person's lifestyle, religion, culture or feelings.
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Having a belief in someone or something.
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The extent to which a person is capable of producing children.
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A developing embryo in the womb
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To pardon a wrongdoing or hurt; not holding a grudge.
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Free will
The belief that humans have free choices in life.
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Supreme Being, Creator, Jehovah, The Ultimate; usually the focus of worship in religion.
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Golden Rule
A basic principle in most religions that people should treat each other in the way they expect to be treated.
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The code of conduct of all aspects of Jewish life.
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Hippocratic Oath
A promise that doctors take to preserve life at all costs.
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A special place of care for the terminally ill.
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Human rights
The things a person should be able to expect to have or do, e.g. shelter, food or freedom from fear.
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A fish symbol representing belief in Jesus which uses its individual Greek letters to mean "Jesus Christ God's Son Saviour".
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Particular personality and character, expressed through what they wear, eat etc.
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Worshiping an image of God or idol.
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Image of God
The belief that humans are created in a way that reflects or includes aspects of God's character (Christian).
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Powder or oil burnt to give a sweet-smelling smoke, often used in religious ceremonies or places of worship.
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Initiation rites
Ceremonies that mark different stages of life, e.g. baptism, marriage etc.
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Interfaith dialogue
Different faith groups talking to each other about their faith.
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In-vitro fertilisation, where the egg of a woman is fertilised outside of the womb.
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The central figure of Christian history and devotion. Second in the Holy Trinity.
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A character in the Tenakh and Bible who endured much suffering but did not lose faith in God.
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The formation of an opinion after consideration or deliberation.
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Just War
A war that is justified according to agreed conditions.
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Where everyone has equal oppurtunities and human rights.
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Jewish writings. Third section of the Tenakh.
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A Jewish head covering.
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A progressive Jewish movement.
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Living Word
A titile used for Jesus, referring to the belief of Jesus as "God made Flesh".
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Medical ethics
The process of deciding what is good and acceptable in medicine e.g. through conscience.
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An amazing happening, often seen as inspired by a divine plan.
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A special event or activity, often connected with religious outreach or evangelism.
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Ner tamid
Eternal light above the Aron Hakodesh (Torah ark) in the synagogue.
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Non-violent protest
Making a stand using entirely peaceful means.
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Obligatory wars
Wars that Jews have been commanded to participate in by God.
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Optional wars
Where war or fighting may be undertaken for very good reasons, and where other forms of negotiation or peace are not possible (Jewish).
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Original sin
The Christian idea that since the first humans chose to disobey God all humanity has come to find it easier to choose the selfish way.
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A traditional Jewish movement.
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The belief that any form of violence or war is unacceptable.
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A state of calmness and good relations, with no conflict, violence or war.
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People who campaign or work for peace.
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Personal conviction
Something a person feels strongly about.
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Pikuach nefesh
The setting aside of certain laws in order to save a life (Jewish).
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A spiritual journey to a place of special religious significance.
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A religious official who leads worship and other religious ceremonies.
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To make someone suffer pain or loss for a wrongdoing to deter others, get justice and protect society.
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Quality of life
The extent to which life is meaningful and pleasurable.
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An ordained Jewish teacher.
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Making up after a quarrel or dispute and working together again.
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Spiritual or sacred.
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Reverence and esteem.
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Something disclosed after being hidden.
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An action taken in return for an injury or offence.
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Ceremonies that are often religious.
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Something special that is dedicated to God and should be respected.
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Sacred scriptures
Consecrated or holy texts or books.
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Salvation Army
A Christian denomination founded by William and Catherine Booth in the 19th century.
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Sanctity of life
Life in all its forms is sacred; most religons have teachings about avoiding taking life.
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Worldly rather than spiritual.
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Jewish word for peace, often used as a greeting.
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An act of rebellion agains the known will of God.
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Social justice
When people in everyday life have equality of rights and oppurtunities.
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Society of Friends
A Christian denomination commonly known as Quakers.
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Spiritual development
Growth or progress in aspects of life that are beyond the material and physical.
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Experiencing or undergoing pain, hardship, distress of some kind.
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Representation of ideas and beliefs through pictures and images.
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A building for Jewish public prayer, study and assembly.
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A Jewish prayer shawl.
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Small leather boxes containing passages from the Torah.
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Ten Commandments
List of religious and moral duties that were given by God to Moses.
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The collected 24 books of the Jewish Bible.
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Repentance or returning to God (Jewish).
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The fall
Refers to the time when the first humans disobeyed God and so evil and selfishness entered the world.
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Jewish law, teaching. The five books of Moses.
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Custom, often something long established and passed from generation to generation.
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The transferring of blood or blood plasma from one person to another.
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To place a body organ or part from one person to another.
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Jewish righteousness; an act of charity.
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Ultimate questions
The deep questions about God, life, death and the purpose of existence.
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Garments worn by Christian priests.
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Western Wall
All that remains after the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem.
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Speaking about one's faitha nd religious experience to others.
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Yetzar Ha Ra
Refers to the selfish desire to do bad things (Jewish).
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Yom Kippur
The day of atonement; a fast day on the tenth day after Rosh Hashanah.
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An organisation that pomotes human rights.


Amnesty International

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Someone or something that has a right or power over others.


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The name given to the sayings of Jesus in Matthew 5; all are blessings.


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When a criminal is put to death.


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