Human development

What is growth?
the changes in height and weight
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What is the age range of infancy?
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What is a gross motor?
development of the large muscles of the arms and legs
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What is a fine motor?
start to cotrol the smaller muscles in in the hands
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What is intellectual change?
the main development in language
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give examples of intellectual development?
1- reading a book 2- singing nursery rhymes
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what is emotional change?
attatchment where the infant bonds with the main carer
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what is social development ?
relationship with the main carer
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give one example of a social development?
an infant playing a long side with others
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what is the age range if early childhood?
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what gross motor skills have developed from infancy to early chilhood?
1- riding a bike 2 - throwing and catching 3 climbing
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what fine motor skills have developed scince infancy?
1- reading 2- threding beads
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give a example of social play
playing with parents
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what is physical change?
when an individual reaches their full height
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at what age can a baby sit unsupported?
6 months
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when can a baby crawl?
9-12 months
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when can a baby walk?
12-15 months
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when can a baby ride a pedal car?
2-3 years old
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what are the four aspects of pies
physical, intellectual, emotional and social
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list 2 social skills
playing pika boo and playing with othet children
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what age range is adolesence
9-18 years
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what is coopertaive play
when 3-8 play together sharing ideas and using imagination
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what is parallel play?
children playing along side with eachother but not together
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what is solitary play?
0-2 children play by themselfes using their own imagination
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What is the age range of infancy?



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What is a gross motor?


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