How the lungs are adapted for gas exchange

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1. Why does a large surface area increase the efficiency of the lungs?

  • More gas can be exchanged at the same time
  • Gas can be exchanged faster
  • More types of gas can be exchanged
  • The lungs can inflate more.
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2. Why must the lungs maintain the diffusion gradient?

  • If the gradient is not maintained, diffusion will stop because the gases have reached equilibrium
  • If the gradient is not maintained, the person will get carbon dioxide poisoning.
  • Diffusion will stop if the gradient is not maintained.
  • If the gradient is not maintained, the person will suffocate

3. How do the alvioli increase the exchange surface of the lungs?

  • They reduce the distance gas has to diffuse across.
  • They are numerous and folded
  • They have a large surface area
  • They are small and folded

4. How far do gases have to diffuse to be exchanged in the lung?

  • 1µm
  • 0.5µm
  • 3µm
  • 2µm

5. What does squamous mean?

  • Flattened
  • Tightly packed
  • Square
  • Spherical


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