How music texts attract and target audiences?

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1. What are the theories that apply to targetting and attracting audience?

  • Reception theory, Binary opposites and Male gaze theory
  • Uses and Gratification , Reception theory and Binary Opposites
  • Uses and Gratifications , Two Step Flow and Genre theory
  • Propp's narrative, Equilibrium theory and Genre theory
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2. Katy Perry's music videos use the Theory of * *, to attract an audience?

  • Pop
  • Male gaze
  • Sexuality
  • Attraction

3. How does intertextuality target the audience?

  • Through the pleasure of recognition.
  • They enjoy the media.
  • Through recognition of the genre.
  • They are influenced to consume a different media.

4. Which of these is not a uses and gratification use?

  • Positioning
  • Escapism/Diversion
  • Social Interaction
  • Information/Surveillance
  • Emotional
  • Identifacation

5. Genre theory can be used to target the audience how?

  • Through the narrative being intriguing.
  • Through encoding the text with specific material that would appeal to an audience.
  • The genre being a hybrid.


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