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2. which media theorist supported 'Interactive Audience Theory'?

  • Henry Jenkins
  • Laura Mulvey
  • Stuart Hall
  • Livingston & Lunt

3. Which effect from the 'Media effects debate' portrays the world as a place with large amounts of pain and violence, and therefore change the way people view the environment?

  • Mean world syndrome
  • Direct effect
  • Desensitation
  • Catharsis

4. Which 'Media effect' can be supported by Bandura's BOBO Doll experiment?

  • Mean World Syndrome
  • Catharsis
  • Direct Effect
  • Desensitation

5. Which of the TV case studies may effect the audience with 'Mean world syndrome'?

  • Detectorists
  • End of the f***ing world
  • Blue planet 2


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