How do music case studies appeal to audiences?

1. What profile is more likely to be the Primary Audience for the Foo Fighters?

  • Male, white, aged 30-50, socioeconomic groups E-C2. They like other rock bands, they listen to music on vinyl, go to concerts and festivals, drive motorcycles etc. Rubican's group the reformer and the resigned
  • Female, white, aged 10-13, Socioeconomic groups E. They like pop music, make up, youtube
  • Male, aged 13-18, socioeconomic groups E-D. They wear tracksuits, purchase from JD Sports, play fifa.
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2. Why is genre important to appealing to an audience?

  • Uses and Gratifications
  • Pleasure of recognition,
  • Two Step Flow

3. Why might an audience seek out a music text?

  • Use and Gratifications theory
  • Male Gaze Theory

4. Why is Katy Perry's global appeal limited?

  • She is banned in China
  • Her music is not good enough
  • Not all audiences are fans of pop

5. Which case study has the largest global appeal?

  • Katy Perry
  • Foo Fighters
  • Stormzy


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