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2. Why would parents react to "Spiderman: Homecoming" in a more positive way than "Hunt for the Wilderpeople"?

  • Harder to imitate things in Spiderman: Homecoming compared to Hunt for the Wilderpoeple
  • The action in Hunt for the Wilderpeople may be too real.
  • Spiderman is a superhero.
  • They may have grown up with superheroes

3. Why would an older audience without children have a positive response to "Paddington 2"

  • Because the character is a CGI talking bear.
  • Because Paddington has been around for years and it may bring back memories for them.
  • There are no negatives in the film.
  • Because its a happy film.

4. What does the Reception Theory state that audiences respond to?

  • Audiences respond to the representations in the text.
  • Audiences respond to stereotypes in the text.
  • Audiences respond to the ideological messages in the text.
  • Audiences respond to the references in the text.

5. How would define an audience response?

  • Variations in reactions due to a difference in a persons background.
  • Differences in how an audience views the text.
  • Variations in reactions due to complex and sophisticated audiences who have varied social and cultural experiences.
  • How the text is constructed to encode meanings and messages to be decoded by audiences.


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