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2. Why do media producers position audiences?

  • To ensure audiences react positively and accept ideological messages.
  • To create a wide appeal for their media text.
  • To increase the popularity of their media text.
  • To create a positive representation of their media text.

3. Which media theory says that the camera in media texts is positioned from a male point of view?

  • The Male Gaze Theory
  • Reception Theory
  • The Media Effects Debate
  • Uses and Gratifications Theory

4. What is a brief definition of positioning?

  • Variations in reactions due to complex and sophisticated audiences who have varied social and cultural experiences.
  • How audiences access media texts that appeal to their needs.
  • How the text is constructed to encode meanings and messages to be decoded by audiences.
  • How the text is constructed to appeal to certain audience groups, by knowing who the audience is and what certain groups are attracted to.

5. Which factor is least likely to negatively affect the audience's reading position for "The End of the F***ing World"

  • The Narrative
  • Graphic Violence
  • Strong Language
  • Sexual Content


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