How are audiences are positioned - TV Case Studies

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1. Which factor is least likely to negatively affect the audience's reading position for "The End of the F***ing World"

  • The Narrative
  • Graphic Violence
  • Strong Language
  • Sexual Content
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2. Which is the ideal audience position for the television case studies?

  • Preferred/Dominant
  • Negotiated
  • Oppositional

3. Which of these factors is most likely to positively affect the reading position for the audience of "The Detectorists".

  • All of the answers
  • The multi-layered characters
  • The complex narrative
  • The realistic representation of human relationships

4. Which media theory says that the camera in media texts is positioned from a male point of view?

  • The Male Gaze Theory
  • The Media Effects Debate
  • Uses and Gratifications Theory
  • Reception Theory

5. What does "closing a media text" mean?

  • Limiting the number of ways an audience can interpret a media text.
  • Cancelling a media text, such as a TV series.
  • The end of a media text. For example the credits.


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