How an Act of Parliament is created

Secondary sources of law
Delegated legislation- law made by a goverment minister under powers given to them by a statute
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Primary sources of law
An Act of Parliament
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The Law Commission
A politically independent organisation est under Law Commissions Act 1965 which reviews and reforms the law
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Green Paper
Government proposals for creation of a new Act. Document circulated to interested parties who are invited to comment
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White Paper
published Government when the consultation process is complete- sets out proposals for a new law and the reasons for them
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Act of Parliament
AKA a Statute- document which sets out legal rules that has passed through the HoC & HoL and received Royal Assent
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Private Bills
A Bill which affects a limited number of people or geographical area
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Public Bills
Bill which affects the whole of the Country
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Hybrid Bills
shares characteristics of Public & Private bills
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Parliament Acts 1911 & 1949
Act which limits the scope of the HoL to block bills approved by the HoC
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An Act of Parliament
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First Reading
formal presentation of a Bill to Parliament
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Second Reading
the purpose of the Bill & means are proposed for giving effect are debated
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Committee Stage
Each clause is examined, amended or deleted. Committee made up of English MPs (or English & Welsh MPs) only in the HoC if a Speaker's certificate has been issued
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Report Stage
Bill is formally reported back to the Hoc or HoL
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Third Reading
Bill is reviewd in its final form by the HoC or HoL and minor amendments only are debated and voted on
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Consideration of amendments
The House where the Bill started will consider the amendments the other House has made. if not agreed then 'ping pong' will take place until they agree
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Royal Assent
Bill is formally signed & authorised by the Queen & becomes an Act of Parliament
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House of Commons
Consists of elected MPs who can make Laws
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House of Lords
Consists of unelected peers
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