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it goes up and down
un ascenseur
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controls the television
une telecommande
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to put valuables in it
un coffre-fort
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where you sleep
un lit
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keeps you warm
le chauffage
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kept in wardrobes, keeps clothes tidy
un cintre
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outdoor pool
une piscine exterieure
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you can pay with this
une carte de credit
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wash with this-a bar of...
du savon
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midday meal
le dejeuner
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where you book the room
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water comes from it
un robinet
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you pay this at the end of a meal out
la note
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you walk up these to go to a higher floor
un escalier
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you leave a car here
un parking
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first meal of the day
le petit dejeuner
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keeps your room cool
la climatisation
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unlocks a door
une cle
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you dry off with this
une serviette
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keep your clothes in this while travelling
une valise
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Card 2


controls the television


une telecommande

Card 3


to put valuables in it


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Card 4


where you sleep


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Card 5


keeps you warm


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