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Solid suspension
Solid dispersed in a solid
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Solid emulsion
Liquis dispersed in a solid
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Solid Foam
Gas dispersed in a solid
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Colloidal solution
Solid dispersed in a liquid
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Liquid dispersed in a liquid
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Gas dispersed in a liquid
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Solid aerosol
Solid dispersed in a gas
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Liquid aerosol
Liquid dispersed in a gas
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Isomorphous Substitution
Replacing one ion with another of similar size but different charge
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Debye Length
The distance between an ion and the average location of the charge in its ionic atmosphere. Defines the extent to which the ionic atmosphere extends from the particle surface
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Specific surface energy
Energy required to form one unit area of substance. Aka surface tension or interfacial tension in liquids.
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Surface Tension
the force per unit length acticing on a line on the surface, at right angle to the line and tangentially to the surface
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Capillary rise
The relative levels of liquid inside and outside a narrow tube.
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Amphiphilic molecules
A molecule which has a part with affinity for water and a part that does not.
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Critical Micelle Concentraion (CMC)
The concentration at which micelles are formed in solution.
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Surface Pressure
The pressure required to contain the monolayer within a given area.
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Solid emulsion


Liquis dispersed in a solid

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