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1. Why does urine go dark in colour on a hot day and/or when you're exercising?

  • Because blood is not flowing as much in the body in those conditions
  • It is more concentrated as water has been lost from sweating (being hot) and breathing a lot more (exercising)
  • Trick question: Urine is paler in colour on a hot day and/or when you're exercising
  • The kidneys do not excrete as much urine in those conditions
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2. Why does the human body's temperature need to be kept around 37 degrees Celsius?

  • The optimum temperature for many enzymes controlling reactions in the human body is 37 degrees Celsuis
  • So that the atmosphere in the air gives us oxygen

3. Why do our blood vessels widen when we are hot?

  • So that very little sweat gets produced
  • So the insulating layer of air gets trapped
  • So that more blood flows near the surface of the skin, leading to energy being transferred into the surroundings, which cools you down
  • Trick question: Our blood constricts when we are hot

4. What is meant by the term homeostatis

  • The maintenance of a constant internal environment
  • The detection of stimuli in the external enviroment
  • The absorption of blood in the body
  • The process of converting glucose and carbon dioxide into oxygen and water to breathe

5. What is one way the body loses water from the body

  • Via the lungs in breath
  • Via the heart in circulation
  • Through the fingers
  • Through teeth


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